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alabus process share

Software applications that help doing the daily work is indispensable in any modern enterprise.

Today they are three types of softwares in the mix:

  • Custom-made, individual software, that is developed specifically for the busienss process and thus the customer
  • Standard software, that chooses a best-practice implementation of a business process and matches 80% of the customer's process
  • Individual standard software, that combines both approaches and matches 95% of the required business process

alabus process share is a product that combines the advantages of standard and individual software, and thus belongs to the third category: the individual standard software.

With individual standard software the industrialisation thus enters software manufacturing industry. alabus process share offers a business framework that contains technology and process know-how in pre-fabricated elements. These elements are completed by the individual requirements of the customer's business process.

The advatages are:

  • The customer's business processes do not have to be changed to the software's way of working
  • The investment costs of individual standard software are as low as if a conventional standard software is used
  • The maintenance and operation costs are as low as with a conventional standard software
  • The quality and scaleability of the individual standard software is as mature as with a conventional standard software

alabus process share - individualised standard solutions

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