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Standard for insurers

Together with insurers, insurance brokers and service providers, like HDI-Gerling, the Aargauische Gebäudeversicherung, MediData or the IG B2B, alabus developed an insurance solution that supports the complex and often heterogeneous customer requirements of the various insurance lines of business.

With alabus insurance there exists an innovative instrument that adresses the operational and customer requirements of an insurance company adequately.

alabus insurance - a modern, affordable and future-oriented platform for your insurance business.


Cost reduction

alabus insurance is an integrated solution which eliminates manual working steps and isolated processes with media breaks. The standard software application contains all necessary technologies to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the insured parties and all related data - starting from "new business" with the insurance broker, to the core policy data, through to the (if possible automated) claims management. There is a noticeable simplification of the often present "application zoo" and thus reduced costs.

Customer proximity

alabus insurance fosters efficiency improvements in the administrative, non-value adding activities, provides the basis for an extended service offering - this also due to the online access to relevant information of the insurance business. In addition to the integration of the stakeholders along the defined process chains via various channels, the electronic data exchange (IG B2B) is supported as well.

Promote flexibility

alabus insurance contains all common business elements of an insurance solution - insured parties/core data, policies/contracts, coverages, premiums, claims, benefits payments and the functional elements such as security, compliance, audit-trail, reporting, Office integration, etc. Key elements of the various modules are the threshold-based, automated claims processing, the fully dynamic product model, the insurer/broker CRM-module and the secure portal access.

Increase operational efficiency

In close cooperation with EveryWare alabus insurance can be provisioned and operated on a secure, stable and performant platform at an optimal cost level. Starting from the base model alabus insurance is complemented in a flexible way into the business specific product to econiomically suit the market requirements. This ensures a maximal cost predictability and the lowest possible investment- and operational costs.

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