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Standard for insurance brokers and in-house brokers

alabus IBS is a mordern an future-oriented platform für brokers.


Cost reduction

With alabus IBS an information transparency and online access between insurances and insured parties is established via a self-service portal and the direct integration based on industry standards. This not only allows the focus of the adimistrative work to be placed on value-adding activities for the insured parties, but also reduces the associated costs considerably.

Customer proximity

Over the last few years alabus IBS was developed together with brokers and partners, such as Arbenz + Partner, M&S Insurance Advisors AG and the IG B2B, and is enhanced continuously.

This cooperation not only assures that common, standardised processes in the broker business are supported, but also guarantees that specific requirements of the different user groups are addressed in the future, and that customer proximity and customer orientation remain a central topic.

Promote flexibility

alabus IBS is modular and provides various modules that can be adapted to the specific processes.

The scaleability of the product and the continous enhancement guarantee stability and support for future versions. In this way the investment is protected and innovation ensured.

Increase operational efficiency

alabus ibs supports all relevant processes with adequate controlling in a way that new business, policies, claims, activities and all associated money flows are planned, managed, and most importantly, are done in a re-traceable and compliant manner.

The integrated IG B2B interface make the daily business more efficient with alabus IBS as process platform between insurance, broker and insured enterprise and strenghtens the customer retention.