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alabus IGB2B connector

The alabus IGB2B connector establishes the connection between the solution of the insurer and/or the broker and the IG B2B platform.


Cost reduction

The IG B2B platform enables the standardized data exchange between the broker and insurer. The alabus IGB2B connector provides a tool to the insurer to implement the connection to the IG B2B platform in an investment-friendly and resource-saving manner.

The alabus IGB2B connector is installed on your own infrastructure and is configured with an intelligent mapping in such way that minimal adjustments are necessary in your own infrastructure. The exchange of data via the IG B2B platform is used in a timely and optimal manner, with minimal financial expenses.

Customer proximity

Today, brokers own their own broker software, which offers the possibility to request data from, or exchange data with, an insurer via the IG B2B standard. Through the alabus IGB2B connector, the insurer ensures timely that an automatic data exchange can take place. Unattached of whether this are payments, brokerages, offers or claims.

The insurer guarantees by customer proximity, that the broker does not have to use additional software, such as a broker portal.

In addition, the development costs for the insurer as well as the resource allocation for a broker portal are also reduced as this can, in principle, be dispensed.

Promote flexibility

Due to the modular design of the alabus IGB2B connector, it is possible to react quickly and innovatively to individual requirements, without having to take the infrastructure of the insurer into consideration.

The possibility to make individual adjustments and extensions also guarantees that a certain individuality can be granted to the insurer. Projects that usually last several months can be realized in just a few weeks, since the complexity "only" concentrates on the data connection.

Increase operational efficiency

All essential processes for standardized and automated data exchange between the insurer, IG B2B and the broker are supported. As soon as a new standard is adopted, the alabus IGB2B connector guarantees a timely support. Due to standardization and mapping, the own file formats are converted to IG B2B compliant XML's and vice versa, making them available for exchange.

An individual integration into existing workflow systems at the insurer is also supported so that the processes between the insurer and the broker on the one hand and within the insurer on the other hand can be done more efficiently and resource-saving.

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