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Solution for associations and non-profit organisations

alabus associations is a solution for associations that want to spend time with club activities and not with administration.


Cost reduction

The integration of partners, sponsors and members on this alabus platform not only reduces administrative costs, but improves the data quality since the involved stakeholders are empowered to maintain their contact information via the available self-service and thus ensure their currentness.

Up-to-date contact information reduces the mailing expenses and the amount of wrongly sent out documentation.

Customer proximity

In cooperation with associations like the SVSE (Schweiz. Sportverband öffentlicher Verkehr), the Swiss Hiking (Verband Schweizer Wanderwege) or the Cantonal Association for Sports Zürich alabus developed a standard software. alabus associations supports, administrates and provides proper governance of the specific and often complex processes of associations and non-profit organisations in a simple way, with (technical) efficiency and effectiveness.

The cooperation with current and future associations and non-profit organisations ensures that the product alabus associations supports you to spend your time effectively for and with your customers and projects.

Promote flexibility

alabus associations is modular with the use of only the elements that are really required, but with the option to be extended quickly and in innovative ways to new requirements.

The scaleability of the solution guarantees a future coverage of necessary processes and functionalities, even when they are not known today.

The solution is thus designed to protect the investment and to guarantee to ability to innovate at the same time.

Increase operational efficiency

All relevant processes come with an adequate controlling in a way that applications, projects, member management, events or registrations are planned and managed, and most importantly, are done in a re-traceable manner.

As a side-effect the actual customer relation is strengthened, since the customer's wish to be involved in the ongoing processes is adressed.