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May 31, 2021

alabus IBS 7.10

Offer generic, SUNET and invoicing services

As part of the enhancements to alabus IBS (Insurance Broker System), the IGB2B interface for Offer Generic was implemented together with Allianz as the first insurer in Switzerland.

This means that a continuous process chain is now available from the submission proposal to the new business, which will be continuously improved in the next versions. ...

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Mar 11, 2021

alabus is a dox42 certified partner

The partnership with dox42 was further expanded and we have now been an official dox42 certified partner for some time. This optimally supports our customers in their communication and standard reports.


What is dox42?

dox42 is a comprehensive software package for document creation and data integration - flexible, powerful and intuitive. ...

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Nov 3, 2020

Partnership alabus and Parashift

alabus ag is a leading Swiss manufacturer of standard software for the insurance market. A large number of well-known customers trust in the expertise of alabus, especially when it comes to optimizing their document centered business processes.

The alabus team, which consists of IT and process management experts, combines many years of experience in the areas of process optimization and automation as well as information technologies with profound industry knowledge. ...

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Oct 27, 2020

alabus IBS 7.8

Within the scope of the enhancements in the alabus IBS (Insurance Broker System) the invoice verification process is now fully digitally supported.

Scanned invoices are recognized by AI (Artifictional Intelligence), checked and rejected by rules or made available in the customer portal to the policyholder fully automatically for payment.

With this enhancement, it is now possible to handle paper and/or digital invoices via one dialog.

Oct 8, 2020


epona, with its new animal insurance and online sales process, has been nominated for HZ Insurance's innovation award.

With the flexible solution of alabus insurance as core system, epona was able to launch the product and thus qualify for the innovation award.

Oct 5, 2020

Distributed Ledger

Together with Dandolo Flumini and the research project DIGIM, a prototype was developed which shows how a modern, customer-oriented marketplace can be established in the real estate management environment.

Sep 14, 2020


Im Rahmen der Versicherungsstudie 2020 des IFZ stellt die alabus ihr Forschungsprojekt zusammen mit der ZHAW vor, wie Marktplätze in Zukunft aufgebaut werden könnten.

Kundenzentriert - verteilt und serviceortientiert

Sep 1, 2020

alabus IBS

The ASSEPRO Group, a leading independent brokerage company in the risk and provision business for KUM with 17 local locations, has significantly contributed to the further development of alabus IBS in the areas of controlling, sales, clients, archiving, finance, output management and claims management.

Jun 2, 2020

alabus IGB2B Connector

Thanks to alabus IGB2B Connector, Vaudoise now serves premium, reminder and provisioning in version 5.2 via the Eco-Hub. alabus IGB2B Connector was launched last autumn to address the non-life sector, but this channel has now been expanded accordingly. ...

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Apr 23, 2020

Mobile ID

As a customer, I want a secure and easy login to a Internet site. These requirements are followed by a digital signature and a corresponding expression of will to my partners or customers. With the next version of alabus process share, which will be available in autumn 2020, these basic functionalities can be provided in our solutions like alabus IBS or alabus insurance. ...

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Apr 23, 2020

alabus IBS

With Born Consulting another company works with alabus IBS. Born Consulting, which is specialized in risk analysis and insurance concepts in the pension field, has contributed significantly to the further development of alabus IBS in the areas of controlling, sales, output management and claims management.

Feb 17, 2020


At the end of January alabus was re-certified in the areas of 9001:2015 and 27001:2013.

Jul 16, 2019

alabus insurance

K-Tipp Legal protection insurance goes into production with the alabus insurance platform - a standard legal protection solution that includes all insurer processes of the customer master data, product management, policy management, claims management and premium collection/claim payments. The solution will be up and running after 9 months from the project start.

Apr 20, 2019

alabus IBS

After a longer evaluation phase, the ASSEPRO Group decided to go into the analysis and detail specification with alabus in order to implement alabus IBS as a future solution. The alabus solution is an open platform that can be easily integrated into existing surrounding systems (e.g. Office IGB2B or third party solutions) at a reasonable price-performance ratio. ...

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Mar 11, 2019

New Feature

alabus process share was extended by the function "Report for current view (individual)". This function allows an Excel-Report, restricted to freely definable data fields from the current view. ...

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Feb 15, 2019

alabus Connector

As part of its digitization strategy, Vaudoise opts for the alabus connector. Vaudoise, which has supported the IG B2B standard since the beginning, is now using the know-how of alabus. By the introduction of the product, Vaudoise implements a time to market strategy in supporting this standard.

Jan 30, 2019

alabus IBS

After a lengthy selection process, Born Consulting AG decided to replace its existing individual solution in the insurance brokerage business with the standard solution alabus IBS. As part of this replacement, the entire document creation process will be converted to Web technology and the integration into IG B2B will take place.

Jan 15, 2019

alabus IBS

Würth Financial Services opted for alabus IBS in April 2018. In addition to functional enhancements that support Würth's specific processes, a financial integration into the parent company and a complete data migration has been implemented within the last 7 month. The new solution was put into operation on schedule at the beginning of the year 2019. Today, more than 60 employees are working with the new solution and extensions in sales are planned for the near future.

Jun 1, 2018

alabus IGB2B Connector

As part of its digitization strategy, the Gebäudeversicherung Bern opts for the alabus IGB2B Connector. GVB supports not only the digital exchange with its partners but also the Broker Initiative, which was launched by IG B2B in 2018. In addition to supporting an open standard, they primarily addresses process optimization for standardized data exchange between insurer and broker.

May 15, 2018

alabus IBS

Würth Financial Services chooses alabus IBS. As part of their digitization strategy, they decided for the product of alabus. Flexibility, adaptability and the strategic orientation of alabus were the decisive factors for the decision.

May 14, 2018

alabus IGB2B Connector

Helvetia, a major Swiss insurer, decides for the alabus IGB2B Connector. Helvetia supports the "Broker initiative" that was launched by IG B2B in 2018. Besides the support of an open standard, the implementation mainly furthers the digitalisation and optimisation of the processes that automate the standard data exchange between insurers and brokers.

Apr 9, 2018

alabus IBS

Since 2002 the "Agentur P. Scheider AG" is a neutral and independent insurance broker and consulting company with a focus on comprehensive end-to-end advice. Now, they base their operations on alabus IBS in order to increase efficiency.

Jan 24, 2018

New partnership

The evolution of the alabus products into fully Web-based solutions means that "office" documents can no longer be created locally on the PC. With dox42 a partner was found who provides this functionality with the doxs42 product. During the next months "doxs42 document creation" will be added to all web-based alabus solutions.

Oct 25, 2017

alabus insurance

The "Europäische Reiseversicherung" (ERV) extends its services with independent brokers and introduces a "broker portal" based on alabus insurance. In addition to complementary new broker services, the platform will also provide the interface to the IG B2B. All these elements increase efficiency and transparency, and also embrace the digitalisation of existing processes.

Oct 25, 2017

alabus IGB2B Connector

Kessler is the leading Swiss company for risk management, insurance consulting and occupational benefit planning.

In order to further optimize and digitalize the processes with business partners the alabus IGB2B Connector is used to implement the standard data exchange between Kessler and the insurers. 

Oct 25, 2017

alabus IBS

Walser Consulting AG was founded in 1971 with the aim of creating a neutral, independent insurance brokerage house and consultancy that would be in charge of its clients’ comprehensive insurance coverage and act on their behalf vis-à-vis insurance companies.

These professional services of the competent team will be even more efficient with alabus IBS. One of the major benefits is the use of the internet portal to integrate the customers into their processes.

Sep 5, 2017

1418 Coach

1418 Coach with alabus association

Besides the processes of the Cantonal Sports Office the alabus association administration and internet platform now supports the project "1418 Coach". 

The search and retention of voluntary sport coaches is a high priority of (sports) associations. The Sports Office of the Canton of Zurich therefore started the project 1418coach. With 1418coach 14- to 18-year olds are brought up to their first leadership tasks, and take over responsibility within the sports association. ...

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Jun 7, 2017

alabus IBS

Schumpf + Partner AG is an independent insurance broker in Zug, Switzerland. The professional service of the competent team will be even more efficient with alabus IBS. For example savings of up to 2 days in the processsing of the commissions ("courtage") become possible. ...

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May 23, 2017

IG B2B Service Extension

alabus IBS (Insurance Broker System) is now available with further IG B2B DXP services. Communication bulletins of insurance companies are now downloaded and integrated automatically, and seamlessly presented to the employees (with links to the appropriate business objects where possible).

Apr 13, 2017

Online Recruting

The city police of Zurich uses the online recruitment process with alabus HR. With a history of continuous improvement and optimisation of the recruitment process from the aspirant to the parking wardens the solution was finally completed with the addition of the online recruitment. With this last process element the whole process is now supported digitally and runs without media interruption for the HR specialists, the line managers and the applicants.

Mar 13, 2017

ISO 27001

2008 was the first certification of alabus under the ISO 27001 norm (information security). The recertifications were regularly passed in the last 8 years, specifically for the software development.

With the coming into force of the new information, privacy and data protection law in the European union alabus is in this way ready and primed to guarantee the new protection of private data in our alabus process share solutions.

Feb 2, 2017

Chatting Functionality

To provide customers during a case management with an additional communication channel, AGV KUV extended the existing accident insurance solution with a "chatting" module. The customer (i.e. their HR departments) are thus able in the context of an ongoing case, to specifically and securely initiate an information exchange that is direct, documented and uncomplicated. ...

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Dec 14, 2016

Fully dynamic product module

Together with Epona, the market leader in animal assurance in Switzerland, a new, fully dynamic product module was added to alabus insurance. Pricing in animal insurance is complex since it's a combination of property and accident/disease insurance. With the new product module it is now possible for the customer to freely configure products "on the fly" and provide them through different sales channels and partners.

Nov 21, 2016

IGB2B BrokerConvent

IGB2B was celebrating the launch of the new platform Giraffe for the broker members. The huge effort from alabus and WMC in the development of the first version Giraffe was especially mentioned during the launch presentation.
Further information:

Aug 22, 2016

Courtage Expo 2016

Together with WMC shows alabus their solution for insurers and brokers. alabus will be present on this event with alabus IBS (Insurance Broker System) for Lloyds brokers. More information can be found here:

Aug 22, 2016


The project Giraffe was launched at the beginning of the summer holidays and has already mastered the first hurdles successfully. In the last weeks the project team worked with high pressure on the solution. The first release was delivered as planned and has already passed its first tests successfully. A first presentation to selected insurers (Basler, AXA, Generali, Zurich and Allianz) has received a good response. More information can be found on

Jul 7, 2016

alabus IGB2B Connector

After only 5 months project time provides the Mobiliar together with the standard product alabus IGB2B Connector the first standardized service for automated data exchange. ...

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Mar 10, 2016

alabus association

With the introduction of alabus associations the Swiss association FinanzPlaner starts using a new instrument for organisation, implementation and operation of its business. At the same time the Swiss Financial Planners Organization (SFPO), myFinancePro and the Association Suisse des Diplomés en Assurances (ASDA) were brought together on this same platform. ...

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Feb 8, 2016

alabus IGB2B Connector

No image available

Industrialisation and an increase in efficiency are the main aspects to keep the operational costs under control. Swiss insurer Mobiliar decided to broaden the automated data exchange between broker and insurer with an additional channel. alabus IGB2B Connector was developed specifically for the electronic data exchange using the Swiss IG B2B standard.
Initial experience was acquired with the industrialisation of the mandate administration. ...

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Dec 5, 2015

alabus insurer

alabus insurer now includes additional MIS functionalities. The new features improve the operational demand for online reports on the performance and response times of the entire platform, and/or individual processes.
Furthermore the MIS also supports the business with trend anlyses and claims statistics (cost-duration triangles, etc.) in order to support the decision making with a suitable data basis.

Nov 10, 2015

Broker Convent

On November 9th "IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers" hosted for the second time the "Broker Convent". As in the first event alabus was present with the products alabus IBS (the insurance broker system) and alabus connector (the connector for the insurer to the IG B2B). ...

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Sep 7, 2015

UBS Kids Cup

Also in 2015 UBS Kids Cup was technologically supported by the standard solution alabus associations.

alabus congratulates UBS Kids Cup and all participants for the exceptional performance.

Jul 3, 2015

alabus associations

After a thorough evaluations phase the associations ASDA (Schweizerische Vereinigung der diplomierten Versicherungsfachleute), FPVS (Finanzplaner Verband), SFPO (Swiss Financial Planners Organization) and MyFinancePro selected alabus associations. ...

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May 9, 2015


With the committment to eKARUS alabus supports another partner who is active in the industrialisation. eKARUS is a forward-looking project of medical service providers, cost payers (e.g. insurances) and other actors in the health sector to standardise the administrative processes. The focus is on cost optimisation and efficiency (through standardised electronic data exchange). The

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Apr 27, 2015

UBS Kids Cup

The growing mobile usage of internet solutions resulted in a new, optimised look of the UBS Kids Cup. Based on alabus verband there are up-to-date results lists, best results rankings (hall of fame) and profiles of athletes available online at any time. 

Mar 30, 2015


In order to further advance the industrialisation in the insurance industry and to simplify the data exchange between broker and insurer, SOBRADO Software AG and alabus entered a partnership.

The goal of this partnership is the active support of the IG B2B standardisation efforts.

Mar 24, 2015


As a member of the IG B2B (community of interest of "Swiss" brokers and associated stakeholders) alabus launches the new product alabus IBS light, in order to facilitate the adoption of the broker-to-insurer data exchange and industralisation of processes in a very attractive way.

Broker with less than 3 employees may use alabus IBS light as a service. ...

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Feb 24, 2015

public innovation

With the book "swiss made software - Public Innovation" there now is a publication with a focus on the ICT-subjects at the intersection of government, administration, new civil society and private enterprises.

With the Aargauische Gebäudeversicherung (page 40) and the Zürcher Kantonalverband für Sport (page 47) there are two alabus examples of innovative solutions that improve efficiency  - thus achieve more with less money, or delivery a improved service with the same budget. 

Jan 16, 2015

Case Management

Case-management in place of administrative work - with the new application alabus insurance the Aargauische Gebäudeversicherung (AGV) said bye-bye to many manual work processes in the Cantonal Accident Insurance (KUV).

Everyone having an accident is relieved when his/her insurance quickly provides professional assisstance and case handling. ...

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Dec 8, 2014

alabus insurer

Orion, a leading Swiss legal protection insurance with branch offices all over Switzerland, decided to implement its new core insurance system with alabus and the standard insurance solution alabus insurance. The new system will cover all legal protection/liability products of orion. A structured and phased approach is used to replace the existing instruments step-by-step by standardized alabus modules.

Dec 2, 2014

alabus process share

The new version 4.2 of alabus process share is released with the new version of alabus CRM. Apart from the usula small improvements and corrections the framework now supports the swapping of metamodel objects. This functionality helps to swap all interface elements (e.g. views, panels, filters, functions, etc.) if this is necessary in the same solution for different roles and organisation units. ...

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Nov 13, 2014

alabus association

The Swiss office of Human Life International, the world biggest "Pro Life" organisation, selected alabus association. This platform will support - besides the classical donation activities and administration - the projects and a transparent information exchange.

Oct 7, 2014


Leading university hospitals Zürich and Lausanne, and Actelion Pharmaceuticals as sponsor, launch a study (LONGACT), which correlates activity data of participants with medical observations. The participants of the study receive Fitbit bands as trackers. ...

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Oct 1, 2014

Austrian IPF registry

The alabus registry platform was selected by the Austrian Lung Fibrosis Association (ALFA) for the new IPF registry for Austria. With the first specific medications for IPF (Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis) coming to the market, e.g. from Intermune (now Roche), this registry will provide a central database for the collection of epidemiological and treatment information.  

Sep 1, 2014

alabus insurer

Together with an international insurance company and its Swiss presence alabus insurer will additionally support liability insurance products and services. 

The focus is placed on the industrialisation of the sub-processes offering/submissions, policy generation, broker compensation and In-/Ex-Kasso. The products covered are institutional liabilities, professional liability of doctors and lawyers, as well as the coverage of fraud. ...

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Jul 24, 2014

IG B2B reference implementation

As part of the continuous standardisation of the data exchange of the core processes between insurance companies and brokers in the Swiss market IG B2B awards the reference implementation of the file transfer to alabus.

This reference implementation will be made available for registered insurers and broker at no additional cost in order to allow a for quick and uncomplicated Know How transfer. 

The IG B2B webservices support the standarddised data/file exchange between broker, BrokerGate and insurance. ...

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Jul 17, 2014

Optimzed Processes

Efficiency and effectiveness are a well covered topic since decades, especially concerning the service sector.  In June 2014, SmartMedia presented a special magazine add-on in the Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger covering the following topics:

  • Managed Services - what are they capable of
  • Chances of e-business
  • Managing business processes
  • Interview with Prof. Dr. ...
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Jul 10, 2014

Document Viewer

Although the paperless office is prophesied for more than 20 years, too large amounts of paper are still produced. To make these documents available along end-to-end processes is paramount for an efficient processing. With the new document viewer module in alabus process share the process of scanning starting from the postal entry to the back office with inclusive support for classifying and mapping is now fully supported. ...

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Jun 23, 2014

alabus association

The Flemish Athletics Federation (Vlaamse Atletiekliga) put its new software for association, results and event management into operation. alabus association is available for over 100 clubs (individual suborganisations) and supports different processes like club changes, management of sport events or the administration of all results (and dynamic high score rankings) in an optimal way. ...

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May 30, 2014

Anonymous reviews and audits

alabus registry - the Internet-based, secure study platform - now has the functionality for anonymous reviews (and audits).

Scientific findings in medical studies are possible only with necessary factual and statistical reviews. alabus registry now offers the basic functionality for anonymous reviews of case data by peers. The corresponding data extracts (and statistics) provide the basis for further analysis.

May 30, 2014

Open Jobs

Open jobs at alabus.

May 20, 2014

Swiss CRM Forum

alabus demonstrates at the Swiss CRM Forum (Stand A09) how customer-orientation and industrialisation can be realised in the insurance industry.

The insurance industry has the challenge to increase its customer orientation and at the same time to industrialise core processes. ...

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Apr 14, 2014

Merging of Data

UBS Kids Cup requires a matching of the participants information to the achieved results. Since the girls and boys may run at various schooling- or association-organized events the merging and association of result and participant is crucial (e.g. no duplication of participants in the Cantonal results listings, etc.).

alabus associations 3. ...

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Apr 4, 2014

Next generation Swiss PH CH registry

The next generation of the Swiss registry for pulmonary hypertension went into production.

With 8 years operational data on the occurence and treatment of the various aspects of pulmonary hypertension a new, improved and extended version of the Swiss registry for pulmonary hypertension was launched. The platform is based on alabus registry, a simple but encompassing registry and studies platform. ...

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Apr 2, 2014

Scientific excellence

The «Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF)» can be found in Ascona, surrounded by trees and flowers. The location of this international congress center of the ETH is the famous Monte Verità ("mountain of truth"). Since 25 years CSF-conferences are known globally for their internationality, their openness and mainly for their scientific excellence. ...

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Mar 19, 2014

New insurance broker version

The new version alabus IBS 4.1 implements another service of IG B2B.

The automated document exchange between insurer and insurance broker, provided by the DXP service on the BrokerGate, is now possible.

The customer portal introduced with alabus IBS 4.1 ist complemented with this DXP service to allow an uninterrupted information exchange between customer, insurance broker and insurer. ...

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Feb 26, 2014

Swiss Made Software

The label "swiss made software" was established in 2006 and in 2014 the first international publication on the Swiss software industry is available. alabus, as a supporting partner, provides the links to the digital versions in cooperation with "swiss made software". We wish you an entertaining read.

The PDF document and for

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Dec 23, 2013

AGV - Aargauer Gebäudeversicherung

No image available

As planned the Aargauer Gebäudeversichung (AGV) the new accident insurance solution goes productive after 12 month project work. The new solution, based on alabus insurance, optimally supports the processes of AGV. The operational infrastructure (hosting to full support) fully conforms to the AGV requirements and establishes a 360 degree solution delivered by a single provider.

Nov 15, 2013

Kanton Zürich

In order to further professionalise the administrative processes in the area of the sports promotion outside the school based activities the "Kanton Zürich" uses alabus process share. The solution technically supports and integrates the application processes, projects, events and training.

Nov 6, 2013

skyguide - Pilotenportal

skyguide will roll-out its new integrated briefing solution skybriefing overnight from 18 to 19 November 2013. skybriefing replaces the well-known Homebriefing as the official and legally relevant product for flight preparation in Switzerland. The web application will render official services as well as additional services, for which there will be a charge. ...

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Nov 1, 2013


The compliant functioning of IT solutions with todays amount of data is key to reach the operational business goals. IT solutions that are not compliant produce risks in terms of application to the business process, quality for the customer and unnecessary costs. This must be prevented. ...

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Oct 10, 2013

alabus expands

alabus increases capacity in order to adress its industry partnerships appropriately. In Zurich Oerlikon a second location was opened to establish the required support services.

Oct 8, 2013

Industry partnerships (German text)

Unternehmen werden zunehmend digital und setzen auf Portale über die Stake Holder Online einbezogen werden. Dies gilt für Kunden, Partner, Mitarbeiter und auch Zulieferanten, welche an einem Ort umfassende, sichere Serviceleistungen beziehen wollen.

Die Anforderung, Daten über Portale zeitnah für Kunden, Partner und Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung zu stellen, bedingt Industrie-Partnerschaften, mit denen standardisierte und sichere Serviceleistungen für Stake Holder on-demand produziert und professionell erbracht werden können. ...

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Apr 10, 2013

alabus IBS

The next generation alabus insurance broker 4.0 was released and successfully introduced in to the Swiss market.

The main new element is a modern customer portal that allows the direct online access to policies, documents and provides full support for damages- and accident-reporting and process tracking.