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May 9, 2022

alabus IBS 7.14

With the new release alabus IBS 7.14.0 (Insurance Broker System), various enhancements have been made.

The virtualization of document storage is now available in the customer portal as well as to employees. This means that the document digitization process is now supported end-to-end, from scanning to inbox to distribution to the customer, securely and in accordance with applicable data protection requirements.

In the area of policy processing, pool contracts can now be managed and associated certificates including QR invoice can be created and distributed digitally to the end customer via the portal. The digitization of policy contracts was also driven forward.

Claims management was expanded to include certain statistics as well as integration in SUNET, so that here, too, end-to-end processing from the customer to the insurer can be handled via one platform.

The last major changes relate to the sales process. Submission proposals are now directly transferred into new business and the existing coverage modules are automatically forwarded to the insurers in the process.