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Service partner alabus

alabus offers a 360 degree service that specifically complements the alabus process share products.

The advantages for the customer are:

  • There is only one single point of contact over the whole application life cycle
  • alabus knows the language of the customer and is capable to communicate accordingly
  • alabus solutions cover all areas of the product life cycle, and this leads to more stable operations

The modular service offering of alabus may contain the following elements.

Standard product:

With alabus process share, already existing modules, standard (industry) solutions, and with a corresponding maintenance contract alabus provides modern, innovative and modular products that are developed and serviced aacording to ISO 9001 and 27001 certified processes.

Standard project:

The alabus project management approach is based on a combination of structured (Hermes) and agile (Scrum) elements. The activities are coordinated and aligned to secure predictability, define realisitc plans and deliveries.

Standard introduction:

An alabus solution typically is introduced using a "train the trainer" or "train the champion" approach

Standard operations:

The operation of alabus solutions can be realised in-house, external at alabus or a partner, or in a combination of these options. The customer may use first, second or third level service from alabus. The operation is organised using ITIL 3.0 and is audited and reviewed yearly with respect to information security (ISO 27001) and efficiency (ISO 9001) - and adapted accordingly if necessary.

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