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alabus maintains a set of strategic partnerships, which help to address the requirements of our customers in an optimal way.

The following list of companies shows those enterprises which either work closely with alabus, or which products are used together with alabus process share.

About IG B2B - Special Interest Group of Insurers and Brokers

Our partner for the Swiss standard interfaces for insurance data. IG B2B is a special interest group of insurers, insurance brokers and software producers who operate in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The "IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers" as a group establishes national standards for business processes, digital documents exchange and insurance data exchange for all core processes in the insurance brockerage.

Swiss Made Software

The goal of the label "swiss made software" is the promotion of the Swiss software industry, in Switzerland as well as abroad. Swiss made software stands for Quality, Reliability and Precision, especially in the software (product) development area. 

Application server

alabus process share is a standard J2EE development and runs on an application server. The core development is based on Red Hat's JBoss. During the further development and customer implementations it is ensured that other standard application servers, like IBM's WebSphere or Oracle's Bea are deployable as well.

Document generator

dox42 is an innovative software product for document automation and data integration – flexible, powerful and intuitive.

dox42 enables you to generate complex documents automatically and integrate data, images, tables, dynamic charts, QR-codes and text modules from various data sources, such as SharePoint, data bases, MS Dynamics 365, NAV, AX and CRM, SAP, WebServices or Excel.

Business users can design templates in up-to-date and uniform corporate design fast and flexibly using the dox42 Microsoft Office Add-Ins. The dox42 Server can be integrated into SharePoint, websites, applications, CRM or ERP systems and workflows seamlessly.


Data management for alabus process share uses SQL-based database systems. The core development uses PostreSQL. The further development ensures that only standard SQL is implemented. In this way customer implementations also use MS SQL, Oracle or DB2 database systems. 

Content Management

For Content Management alabus selected the open source CMS solutions OpenCMS from Alkacon. The mixture of XML as the description of the conent, and the implementation in Java, provides a professional, simple to use Website Content Management System.